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Damali Lovell BSc.

Senior Optometrist
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Ms. Damali Lovell graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Optometry from the University of Guyana. Her tenure at Mings Optical began with her clinical internship to become a Registered Optometrist, where she is presently a Senior Optometrist.

With her passion for her career in Optics, she received training in Refractive Error Decisions from the Caribbean Optometrists Association and the Trinidad and Tobago Optometrists Association, and Fitting Scleral Lenses at the New York Vision Expo. She takes a special interest in her scleral lens patients and those with keratoconus.

On her radar for her optical future is Occupational Optometry which deals with the seeing ability of the workforce. In her ongoing quest towards her knowledge base, she is also currently considering graduate studies in Public Health.

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