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Every pair of eyes are unique and you must find the lens that works for you. We offer a wide variety of lenses and coatings to cater to your individual need. Using the most modern lens technology, we custom-fit lenses to combine functionality with style and fashion. We will determine which lenses are best suited to give you a truly unmatched visual experience!



As the name implies, these lenses have a single focal length to correct one single vision condition. They correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. We stock most single vision lenses and we can complete your prescription eyeglasses within 24 hours.


The primary purpose of bifocals is to provide the optimal balance between distance vision and near vision focusing. Bifocal eyeglass lenses contain two lens powers to help you see objects at all distances after you lose the ability to naturally change the focus of your eyes due to age, also known as presbyopia.  Bifocals are two-part lenses, with distance vision at the top of the lens and close-up vision at the bottom of the lens. 


Generally, when wearing bifocal lenses, you look up and through the distance portion of the lens when focusing on points farther away, and you look down and through the bifocal segment of the lens when focusing on reading material.



With these types of lenses, we can focus on your eyes and not the lines!

These lenses are also known a no-line bifocals as they provide a smooth transition from distance to near sight correction, eliminating the obvious segment lines of bifocals. With these specialty lenses, the prescription at the top of the lens goes into a gradual shift in the prescription. The top part of the lens works for distance and gets progressively stronger with the strongest portion at the very bottom for reading.


Transition lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions. This is why they are known as light intelligent lenses. They change from clear to dark when you go outdoors and back to clear when you return inside and offer optimal protection from UV rays. We offer Transitions Vantage, Polarized, Xtractive, and Transitions Gen8. We offer the latest technology in lenses. 



These lenses are great options for sunglasses and also for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. They vastly decrease problems from sunlight glare and decrease light sensitivity, especially while doing high glare activities such as water sports.


Lens technology has evolved progressively over the years and one of the specialized coatings for modern glasses is the anti-reflective coating. One of the main benefits of this coating is that you will have crystal clear vision and people can see your eyes clearly when they are talking with you, rather than their reflection. We offer a variety of coatings and tints that will cater to whatever eye protection you choose.


Tinted lenses come in a variety of tint levels, depending on how opaque you want your lenses to be. The deeper the tint, the more UV protection you will have. Mirror lenses give you a high shine, reflecting away the light that they attract. Polarized lenses are a great choice if you are looking for sharp, clear vision as they are specifically designed to reduce glare and improve vision clarity.



Crizal Anti-reflecting coating is a powerhouse of anti-glare, scratch-resistant, water, and dust resistant technology, and helps to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays and blue-violet light. Depending on your type of coating, we offer Avance, Sapphire, and Prevencia coatings. The anti-reflective technology allows all available light to pass through your lenses for a clearer, sharper, and more comfortable vision. This is effective especially in low light conditions which can seriously affect your vision.


Anti-reflective treatments eliminate the dangerous reflective glare of night driving from oncoming headlights and streetlights, so you can drive with greater confidence and comfort. They also eliminate the glare and discomfort of spending long hours on your digital devices, and every day reflections on your lenses.



This is the coating for you to have to add color and fun to your life! The ultimate in sun protection, mirrors create an on-trend mirror finish with a hint of color. Indoors the mirror fades to a light reflection with a hint of color. We have the color for you; choose from our palette of super reflective colors and attractive hues.





In this digital age, escaping blue light is impossible. Blue light is everywhere. It radiates from the sun, indoor lighting, and of course our digital devices. For those of us who spend a greater part of our time in front of a screen, on any digital device, Eyezen protects your eyes (specifically the retina) from extended exposure to blue light and helps relax your vision reducing digital eye strain. Blue light filters help protect your retinal health, so the sooner you protect your eyes from blue light, the better your chances of maintaining healthy retinas and decreasing your risk of age-related macular degeneration.

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