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A quality pair of prescription safety glasses offer you the chance to keep your eyes safe without sacrificing the ability to see with perfect clarity. Whether you work in an industrial facility where work-related eye injury causes significant vision and productivity losses or you spend a good amount of time at your favorite sport, protecting your eye is vital. Most of these injuries are preventable with appropriate safety eyewear.



Safety lenses are available in glass, plastic polycarbonate material. While all types must meet or exceed the minimum requirements for protecting your eyes, polycarbonate lenses provide the highest level of protection from impact. Prescription safety lenses are available in both plastic and polycarbonate materials (clear or transitions) along with a wide range of lens options (single vision, bifocal, progressive).


We are the Exclusive Registered Distributor for Armourx Safety Glasses and the Authorized Distributor for On Guard and Leader Safety Glasses.


All safety frames are OSHA compliant (ANSI 787.1-2010/CSA Z94.3-07). Our lenses are manufactured by leading, reputable optical lens labs in the U.S.A.

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